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This Page has some of the Wild JESUS Buses The LORD has allowed me Paint down through the Years.

JESUS siad;  "And I, if I be Lifted up from the Earth, will draw all men unto me."

This is a Bus we lived in for many Years Traveling Preaching JESUS!



The Freedom Bus belongs to Pastor Mel and His Wife Terresa Rolls (Rescue Atlanta Church.) They have many Buses and they Bus Hundreds of Homeless into their Church several times a week. They are Fed, given Clothes, and Experiance The Word of God and the Love of Jesus!



This is the Bus we currently live in as we travel Preaching the Gospel,




Another Rescue Atlanta Bus,


Mel Rolls,  Rescue Atlanta



The Holy Ghost Express,  Another one of Mel Rolls Buses.



   This is the Bus we have used to feed the homeless in Chattanooga TN for many Years,  We have also used it to hold Church on the streets. It is full of Chairs and Jesus Bill Boards and we set up a Tent Revival type Metting at night, only without a Tent. God fills the chairs and people get saved!



  The Wild JESUS BUS My Family and I lived in for many Years.  I built a room adition on top out of two truck ferrings.  It also had a sun roof that opened on top.


  If You have pictures of a Wild JESUS Bus,  Send them to me. Maybe I post them,

  E-Mail  Michael Siemer:




"Woe be unto the Pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep" (Jeremiah 23)

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