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The Twelve Tribes "Yellow Deli" Commune CULT Exposed!

The Twelve Tribes are a Commune Cult founded by Gene and Marsha Spriggs.

   The " Yellow Deli " was an outreach ministry of the Vine Christian Community, also known as the Light Brigade, known today as "The Twelve Tribes"

   The First location was open in 1973 at  3822 Brainerd Rd. in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Exposing the Yellow Deli Cult at their Community Picnic,

Above is a Picture of me Exposing the Yellow Deli, Twelve Tribes, Yahshua Cult at their Picnic on June 18th 2006.      For the third or fourth time now Gene Spriggs has yelled at me:  "Your JESUS is a Demon"

   No one who has the Holy Spirit can call JESUS CHRIST accursed.    

    And this sick man is their Leader.

  Although The Catholic Church is Apostate in Doctrine, I could not say that their JESUS is a Demon because Their JESUS, or at least the one they Claim is Historically JESUS the Son of God.

   In Fact No one who has the Holy Spirit could bring themselves to Curse the Name of JESUS in no matter What Language it is Translated into.


The Twelve Tribes Teach:  Unitarianism:  That good Hindus and Moslems will also inherit the Kingdom, without trusting or Believing in Jesus, and they are the Nations we will rule over.  This is Another Gospel!  Paul said if someone Preaches another Gospel unto You than the one He Preached they would be Forever Cursed!

     JESUS said:  "Except a Man Be Born Again, He shall not see the Kingdom of God" John 3:3

During the Thousand Years that We Real Christians will Reign with Christ, the rest of Humanity are Locked in Hell and dont come back to life until the end of the Thousand Year Reign of Christ at the Second Resurection.


That JESUS is a Evil Name.

They Proselite Youth and once inside the Cult they Isolate them teaching them not to communicate with their Fathers, Mothers, Sisters and Brothers.   They are given a New Hebrew Name and told that: "The Family is now their Father, Mother, Sister and Brother.

  They Teach a Anti- Church Message and Turn their Followers against all Real Christians. 


Twelve Tribes Yahshua Cult

"Woe be unto the Pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep" (Jeremiah 23)

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