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"The Kings Call"


The Great King has issued a distress signal to warn the villagers of coming disaster.

Those sent by their King, were met with much opposition from the Villagers.

Many Villagers declared that they saw no pending disaster, nor was there sight of any at Hand. So the Villagers mocked the Kings Servants and threw them off their Land.

Some servants drew back after being Rejected, for they thought that “perhaps they had been Misdirected”.

Others Pressed on, and ignored all the Scorn, heeding their Kings Words; to Travel and Warn.

Some became very Lured, by the Beauty in the City. They built Pretty Houses, and sought the Finest of Careers, but only to cry out later, regretfully in Tears.

One servant sent, began to decree; “I am anointed of the King, send your Money to Me.”

But Faithful servants sent, just passed him by, Knowing he’d been deceived to believe A Lie.

These Faithful Servants stood in the Streets to Cry ;

“This Great City will Fry !

Unless You Repent, You will all Die !”

As a result, many paid heed to the Warning, that some would not survive, to see the Morning.

In the Middle of the Night, \\\The King Rose from His Throne./// In such Splendor and Power that He possessed Alone !

He Shouted ; “Now is The Time ! To Gather this Harvest of Mine !


Early in the Morning, many lives were at end, and was heard weeping and crying, as to Eternity they would Descend.


Then was heard Laughter and Joyful Tears, As Faithful Servants Faced Their King followed by The Souls who were Spared.

I won’t Leave You Helpless, Alone in Despair,

There is a Fire coming, Pay Heed to Prepare.

This is a Message The Lord stirred Me to Write

early this Morning,

10:56am Tuesday, September 12th. 2000

I Pray That Our LORD JESUS will give

You understanding in these matters.


Michael Siemer 427 Whitehall Rd. Chattanooga, TN 37405 U.S.A.


"Woe be unto the Pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep" (Jeremiah 23)

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