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Rick Warrens "Purpose Driven New Age Cult Spreads foward and is embrased by ignorant Pastors;

Rick Warren and his "Purpose Driven Life"  Book and Series is a Big Hit in So Called: "Christiandom"  But what is being embraced is Mind Science and Possitive Confession, Possitive Thinking New Age Phillosophy.


   Rick Warren was Mentored By:  The Apostate Possitive Thinking Teacher - Robert Schuller


   If you do a search on the Web useing the names:  "Robert Schuller & Rick Warren" you will find that the two taught a Leadership Siminar to a group of Gay and Lesbian Ministers.


  Rick Warren has Hired :  "Ken Blanchard" to Train and Lead his Billion man team.    Ken Blanchard is a New Ager that promotes Buddhism and the New Age Movement. Ken Blanchard endorces "Depak Chopra's" Books.     Depak Chopra  is famous for his New Age Teachings such as his book : "The Seven Spiritual Laws for Sucess"  Rick Warren's Right Hand Man: Ken Blanchard has his Signature on the Back of Depak Chopra's "The Seven Spiritual Laws for Sucess Book", Endorcing it.


     Thousands of Pastors are being Dictated to what to Preach on Sunday Mornings by Rick Warren.    Rick Warren has approched them, telling them that "They have to busy of a scedual to have to prepare themselves their own sermons each week.   So Warren has sold them their Yearly Set of Weekly Sermonetes all prepaired By Warren with Power-Point illustrations ready to go.

     So Now it is not just The Vatican that Controlls Weekly Sermons for Millions,  Rick Warren has Craftily found a way to do the Same.

FACT:   In Rick Warrens Book: "The Purpose Driven Life"  on Page 350   Warren tells everyone to "Write a Purpose Statement"  then he tells them what to write and to Read it every Day, Meditate on it every day.     This is the same as Mary Eddy Baker's "Christian Science" Mind Science Cult.  L.Ron Hubbards Possititve Confession Mind Science Cult that is now called Scientology,  and the same as Kenneth Hagans Word of Faith Mind Science Heresies derived and Plagerized from E.W. Kennon.   

"Woe be unto the Pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep" (Jeremiah 23)

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