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The Kings War;

Does The Tithe belong exclusively to the Local Church? Some Pastors demandingly say so.

Is The Local Church The Store House? Some Pastors Demandingly say so.


“False Generals Embezzling the Kings Gold, as they Pretend to fight the Kings Battle”

Picture This;

The Great King has declared War on His Enemy of Darkness. He has Elected, Called, Chosen and Sent many able Soldiers to Fight in the Battle Field. He has also Called Generals, Lieutenants and Sergeants to Train, Equip and Direct the Soldiers into the Battle Field.

Mean-While back at the Homeland far from Engaging in the Battlefield, there are Many Self Proclaimed Generals.

They have Leased out Buildings, and Erected Large Signs stating that They are Army Headquarters.

These also have Campaigned among the Citizens that they are in desperate need of funds to fight the Kings Battle. Through their Slyness and Craftiness of Speech, they have obtained Fortunes from the Villagers. They have devised doctrines stating that Funding of the Kings Battle must come through them alone. But instead of sending the money toward the Soldiers on the Battle Line, or purchasing ammunition to fight in the Kings War, They Purchased the rented Building, and Bought the Land next door.

Then they started a second Fund Raising Campaign, stating that they needed to expand the size of their Headquarters, in order to be much more sufficient for war.

These did have many enlist in their Training Program. Many of those trained would travel great distances to hear other trainers, but none seemed to engage in the Battle. They were ever learning to fight, but never seeming to come to the knowledge to go to war.

Occasionally some would gather in small teams, declaring that they were going to the Battlefield to engage in the War. But these would only come close to the Battle Line, and spend their time making speeches in other training camps for all to adore.

Mean-While on The Battlefield itself, Faithful Soldiers began to withdraw. You see their Ammunition had ran out, and they could not purchase more to fight The Kings War.

So they began to seek odd Jobs and any employment or chore, so they could purchase more ammunition and quickly return to the Kings War. This began to slow down the Battle substantially, and at times one could hardly see the Kings Soldiers engaged in war.

Meanwhile back at the Self Proclaimed Generals Camp, Business was Booming. And to such an extent, that He had Purchased for Himself, the finest House in the Community, the finest transportation that money could buy. A beautiful Ring for his Wife’s finger, and for himself, a Rolex Watch that kept Military Time. At the end of the year, and just before Tax time, this supposed general sent a days rations, to the front line.

For he said in his heart; “Now I can truly show these citizens of mine, that their money is going to the front line.”

Where are you Tithing? To the Front Line?

Or are you fattening a Golden Calf, while the enemy is doing Fine.

Millions are Dying without any Hope, of ever hearing The Gospel of Our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

The True Soldiers in My Story, are; Diligent Sword Fighting, Soul Winners, passing out Bibles and tracts.

Over 90% of those claiming to take offerings for the spreading of The Gospel, never see a life transformed, nor a man come to Christ.

By the Way; On a rare occasion, This Great King would personally visit one of those being trained in the Supposed “Army Training Camp.” And as a gift, The Great King would Bestow upon this Soldier, His very own Wisdom, Understanding, Revelation of the Truth and Compassion to be engaged in the Battle.

This Young Soldier having his eyes opened up, began to discern between the True Generals and the False, between those engaged in the Battle and those that were not. (Malachi 3:16-18) Now being Fully Equip by the Great King, with every Necessary Weapon to Fight the Battle, This Young Soldier went to War and to this day, He through His King is on the Front Lines, Winning the Kings War !

And I Pray that Our LORD will give you understanding in these matters.

Michael Siemer







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“The Words of a Deceived Covetous Sheep, crying out from Hell!”

"I used to look up to Kenneth Hagan, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Rod Parsley, T.D. Jakes, John Avanzini, Benny Hinn, Crefro Dollar, Jessie Duplantas and many more.
Now Jesus has Closed the Door. I was one of many that followed after their Covetous ways,
now I burn in this obliss of haze. I felt convicted from time to time, but: "to be content", they said was: "just believing the enemies line" I sowed to their promise of a hundred-fold return, but neglected those in need,
               in all that I earned.
If you are following a false prophet to this end today, You better Repent, get on your Knees and Pray.
Oh, if I’d only had one more day."

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