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On this Web page I Wish to Publish some of the Many Hundreds of Miracles I have Eye witnessed The LORD JESUS do these many Years in My Walk.

   I hope to slowly publish them below as I can find time to.  I have had the Blessing of having Seen JESUS many times in Dreams and several times in the Flesh.

I have watched Him Strike and Subdue those Opossing The Gosple, Raise the Dead and Back Up the Preaching Of His Gosple with Signs and Wonders Following.

      I Hope this Encourages You to grow deaper in Love with JESUS,

Michael Siemer,

Miracle on The Mountain

Miracle on the Mountain

I had just returned from carrying the Cross throughout parts of Ontario Canada. On our return trip, My Wife and Children and I along with Brian O’Connell had stopped by Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Brian and I had been Carrying the Cross through Wilkes-Barre and had much fruit! At the same time the local News Papper had just published a two page story on us in which we exposed the false teachings of the Catholic Church.

Wilkes-Barre is the Home of : “Kings College” a Catholic College, So there was no small stir in the city and the small town up on the Mountain called; Mountain Top, where we had our busses parked. The Catholics would even Genuflect when they recognized Brian and I walking into a McDonalds. They would even drive by us screeming out their windows: “Leave Our City!” We were parked at a Methodist Church on Mt. Top. They had us park My JESUS Bus and Brian’s Camper, way back behind the Church by the woods.

While attending a service, I noticed Two Lesbians comfortably sitting in the pews ahead of me. No one carried their own Bibles to Church. We were greeted by an Elder or Deacon of the Church who was wearing a big Mason Ring, and the Pastor preached inclusively as though everyone in the room was already a Christian. There was no Salvation Message and no Alter Call for Repentance and to get Saved.

This all brings you to the setting of the Miracle on The Mountain.

My Wife Maria and My Daughter Mary Elizabeth and My Son Michael Patrick were all outside of the Bus calling for Our Dog: “Elijah” who had ran off. A little latter they went to the Landry Matt. Mary didn’t want to go because she couldn’t find Elijah and was at the point of crying. I was left alone at the bus and the thought hit me of how it would break Mary’s Heart if we couldn’t find Elijah.

I stepped out of the Bus and began to wristle and call for Elijah, I then Prayed: “Lord Jesus, please bring Elijah back” Soon after a little boy about 11 years old rode up to me on his bicycle. He had heard me wristling and calling for our dog, and he approached me saying; “Hey Mister, are you looking for a Dog?” I said; Yes, He said: what color is your Dog? I told him he is Bage and White. He told me that He and his friends had found it and that they had it tied up not far at their house. He told me that he would go get it for me, and I said; wait a minute and I’ll ride with you. So I unlocked My Bike and began to go with him. He asked me what the Dogs Name was and I told him: “His Name is Elijah, like the Elijah of the Bible”.

Then before I left to ride off, one of his friends rode up on a bike, and He explained to his friend that the Dog they had found belonged to me. His Friend said What is His Name? The Boy I first met answerd back; (boldly and with pride) “His Name is Elijah like the Elijah of the Bible”

The second boy rode way ahead to tell the sister and a brother that the owner was coming for the dog. I met them on a peaceful pacially sunny Nieborhood Street. There was Two Brothers, a Sister, and a friend all in the age range of about 9- 11 years old.

As I approached them I began thanking them for find My Dog. I told them I was just Praying that The LORD would bring My Dog Back. Then the First Young Boy I had met said: “I thought you were a Man who had God in Him” I replyed: Yes I have had God in me ever since The Day I asked JESUS to come into My Heart”. Then the young man asked; “How did you do that” I then began to tell them how I had asked Jesus into My Heart, sharing a Scripture with them. At that moment a squirel began to come out of the edge of the woods beside us. The LORD took over me, and I said; pointing to the squirel, “you see that squirel right there, he would let you pet him right now if you wanted to”. At that, the squirel hopped right over to one of the boys and sat right beside his foot looking up at him. (we were all standing together in a circle with Elijah in the middle of us) the little boy reached down to pet the squirel and just before touching the squirel he pulled his hand back quickly. I said; “He didn’t bite you did he? ( I said it in Shock because I knew that The LORD had said it was Ok to pet the Squirel) The little boy replied; No! Then the squirel hopped around the circle to the little Girl, he then climbed up the outside of the right side of her pants leg up to the point of her hip, looked up at her and then looked all around at us and then jumped off her leg and hopped back into the woods. The Children all stood there in awe looking at me and I said to them; You know why that just happened? It happened because JESUS said; “where Two or Three are gathered together in My Name There am I in The Midst of Them”.

They were all taken by what The LORD had just done, And so was I.

 I went back to the Bus and just knealed in the hall of the Bus just crying to Him, thanking Him for what He had done, Telling Him that He was so AWESOME to reveal himself to those Children and I in such a way.

I then typed the whole story on My Computer and called it; The Miracle on The Mountain.

(I would never encourage anyone to pet a squirel. I hunted for years, and a squirel would tear your fingers up if you tried to pet it. You would find yourself with bloody fingers trying to shake the squirel off. I knew this at the time, and I also knew that it was The LORD falling upon me and speaking through me to tell the Children it was Ok to pet the Squirel if they wanted to.)

"Woe be unto the Pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep" (Jeremiah 23)

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