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The Words of Some who have Rejected JESUS and His Council


My Name was Peter Jennings, My Ambitions were to Impress my Liberal Leftist friends, so I Mocked Jesus Christ and His Followers in My Documentary Film: “Search for The Real Jesus” I didn’t Live Long After That. I sought the Praises of Men, and I Fell Dead in My Sin.


"I used to be a Famous Prosperity Preacher, Now I burn in this Pit. I made merchandise of Gods people. Now my damnation has taken me."
(2 Peter 2:2-4 who's damnation slumbereth not.)

I used to be a Democrat, we voted for Abortion, Gay Marriage, and any other Ungodly Imoral Issue. It is now apearent that God is against those things!

"I used to be a devout Christian, but I followed lustful thoughts and Comitted Adultery Against My Wife and Against The Son of God who shed his Blood for me.
I treated the Salvation He gave me as if it was worthless, trodening it under foot. I have done dispite to The Spirit of Grace. Now I Burn in this Pit Forever because I fell for the stare of a whorish woman."
(Hebrews 10:28-31) (Proverbs 7:1-27)

"I used to be a Pastor, But I didn't have five minutes of my time to spend with the Sheep, getting into their lives, feeding them the Word of God and Personally spending time with them to get them in LOVE with their Savior.
I did not get my fulfillment from feeding the sheep. I got my fulfillment from calling all the other pastors on the phone and winning their praise and admiration for my peacemaking unity with those who were in error.
Now I burn in this Flame. Oh that I were still upon the crust of the earth. Oh that I could walk again among the living. How I would change my wicked ways."
(Jeremiah 23:2)
{{{Therefore thus saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord.}}}

"I used to Sell Amway" 


"I used to Pray to the Dead instead of to the True and Living God. I loved my Catholic Tradition and its Teaching more that I Loved The Word of God. Even though I read things that reproved our Popes teachings, My Pride caused me to deny my Hearts convictions. I was to Prideful to admit that I could be wrong.
Now I Burn in this Pit. I thought that My Church would pay my way out. This in no purgatory! but rather a everlasting burning Hell!"
Help me somebody! I'll serve the Real Jesus if you will just let me out. I'll warn my family that we were deceived by our traditions.
Oh if I only had one more chance."

"My Name was Norman, I used to be a Mormon, I thought that I would become a god, but now Im far below the sod. I followed Joseph Smith, only to find he taught a myth!"

"I used to believe in Evolution, now I believe in Creation." But I think it's to late. Hello, Is anybody out there? Hell o

"I used to be a Newscaster"

"I helped form the Seventh Day Adventist, My Name was Ellen G. White"

"I used to Preach Once Saved always Saved. Where's the Unconditional Eternal Security I was Promised. I should have listened to that Street Preacher."

"I used to be in agreement with Abortion, now their blood is on my hands"

"I was raised in Mecca and believed in the False Moon God Allah, I Lusted after 22 wives, stole one from My step son, and Murdered anyone that stood in My way"

"I used to believe there were many ways to God"
Oh if I would have only paid heed to that street preacher who warned me of: (John14:6) "I am the Way the Truth and The Life, No man commeth unto The Father, but by Me"

"I used to Be a Diligent Minister of the Gospel, But I sought to build a name for myself. I was more concerned with leaving behind my Legacy, than I was of walking in Humility. I jealously attacked and put down my co-workers in the field, that My name would stand out above all others. I spent my time building with wood stubble and hay, now my works have burned with the passing of a new day." Oh if I would have truly Prayed, instead of those long Prayers in Public to win me some praise. I fasted quite often as all could see, even gave of my alms quite publicly. All that I did, and all that was in me, I did to Build Me, and not My King. Now my life is all past, and though I am well know on Earth, The Son Of God had declared me Accursed!"
("Woe unto you, when Men shall speak well of You, for so spake they of the False Prophets which were before you")

"I used to be a TV Preacher"

"I used to Preach the Pre-tribulation Rapture"

"I used to be a Mason and a Shiners, Now I burn in this Pit"

"I used to be a Racist"

"I used to be a Positive Confession Minds Science Remah Faith Teacher, Instead of teaching my sheep to be Content, I taught them to Covet, Confess and Possess their Neighbors Fields, Homes and Lands. Now I burn in this Flame"

"I used to Mock at every Preacher that spoke to me of JESUS. I rejected the one with the Nail Scars in His Hands. Oh, how could I have neglected so Great of Salvation? He was wounded for My Transgressions, He was Bruised for My Iniquities, The Chastisement of My Peace was laid upon Him.
But No!, But No!, Why Did I reject His Sacrifice for Me?
Oh, If I would have only Received Him As My LORD. But My Heart was Hardened, I loved Sin more than I Loved God. I have rejected The Only Begotten Son of God, and Now I will burn in this Pit Condemned Forever and Ever"

"I used to be a Pothead. The Street Preacher said it was sin,
and I must become Born Again. I mocked at him and Smoked my Dope,
now I Smoke in this place of No Hope."

"I used be a pothead, I said it was an Herb.
I was kicked out of my house to live on a Curb.
I spent every paycheck to buy me a Bag,
to impress my friends and have something to Brag.
Lucifer held me like a puppet, with all his devises,
I passed them along, through the form of advises.
Now I burn in this Flame, In agony and in Pain,
begging to have one drop of Rain.
If I would have only Repented and turned from My Sin,
to Ask JESUS into my Heart, to be Born- Again."
(John 3:3) (Romans 10:13) (Revelation 3:20)

"I used to follow Charles Manson"

"I was raised a Jehovah's Witness."

"I used to listen to Jim Morison"

"I was taught by Arnold Murray"

"Dr. Gerald Man told me I could serve Buddha or JESUS."

"John Lennon enticed me to: "Imagine there was no Heaven,"
and to: "Imagine there is no God."

"I used to look up to Kenneth Hagan, Kenneth & Gloria Copeland, Rod Parsley,
T.D. Jakes, John Avanzini, Crefro Dollar, Jessie Duplantas and many more.
Now Jesus has Closed the Door.
I was one of many that followed after their Covetous ways,
now I burn in this obliss of haze.
I felt convicted from time to time, but: "to be content",
they said was: "just believing the enemies line"
I sowed to their promise of a hundred-fold return, but neglected
those in need, in all that I earned.
If you are following a false prophet to this end today,
You better Repent, get on your Knees and Pray.
Oh, if I’d only had one more day."

"I used to watch MTV.
I wanted my Money for nothing and my chicks for free.
Now I Burn in this Fire, Oh Please somebody help me.
If I would have only asked JESUS to make me Free,
I would now live with HIM Eternally.
But through all my ignorance, I did not see."

"I used to believe in Reincarnation."

"I used to be a Rich Man."

"I used to be a Psychologist."


"My name was Kenneth Hagin, They call me the Father of Faith Teachers, but I was found a LIAR. I copied My Positive Confession Teachings from other Mind Science Teachers while Claiming to have received them from a personal Revelation of JESUS. Instead of teaching others to Deny themselves, and Follow JESUS, I taught them to Indulge themselves in Covetous Practices. I taught them to Lie if they had a headache and Confess that they did not. Instead of being found the Father of Faith, I am a Father of Liars.”


"I used to be a Alcoholics Anonymous Councilor."

"My Mame was Hitler"

"I used to be a Native American Indian,
We Prayed to Great Spirit, and Little Spirit,
Bird Spirit, Horse Spirit, and Wolf Spirit.
We Prayed to, to many Spirits. Oh if I’d been
like my cousin Little-foot, who received GODS HOLY SPIRIT.
But I mocked at him and said JESUS is white mans religion.
Now I know JESUS is only mans Religion."

"I used to be an Episcopalian Priest."

"I used to be a Sodomite."

"I used to be a Witch."

"I used to be one of Gods Angels. I used to stand in the very Presence of Almighty God, Now I have been Cast Down.
Now I will be tormented in this Pit.
I was perfect in all ways from the day HE created me until I rebelled in iniquity.
He called me one of His sons, I used to sing for joy, now I have been cast out of his presence forever. Because of my beauty my heart was lifted up. I said in My heart:"I will assend above the most high, I will set my throne above the most high on the sides of the north", some of those who heard me, were in agreement with me. Now we are cast down as worms. HE has executed HIS Righteous Judgment upon me. I will be forever tormented in The Lake of Fire at HIS decree. What can I do before my time is through? I will deceive those He loves, to turn them from His Love. I will stop them from reaching above. I will lure them into sin, and keep them from being Born-Again.
I will decieve all who will hear my words, I will break up this relationship between GOD and Man. I will cause others HE loves, to also Turn, that they will also Forever Burn."

{{{And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.}}}
(Revelation 20:10)


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